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Eleanor Buffam: Unveiling the Queer Community’s Faces at Edinburgh’s Kafe Kweer


Edinburgh LGBTQ+ café Kafe Kweer hosts Pride Flag Portraits, an exhibition by local artist Eleanor Buffam.

The display features a collection of portraits, each showcasing individuals from the queer community against the backdrop of their selected pride flag.

These pride flag portraits grew out of conversations between friends about identity and connection. The flags are large-scale cyanotypes on linen, with acrylic paint, and were partly funded with a VACMA award.

With the use of portraiture, she puts human faces on what could otherwise be regarded or dismissed (by some) as merely a symbol. These Pride Flag Portraits invite the viewer to engage on a human level with the queer community. In every portrait, you see the vibrancy and diversity of the community.

Eleanor explores identity and connection in her artworks. She believes that art has the potential to develop empathy and tolerance by exploring diverse viewpoints and creatively exploring possibilities. She has exhibited with the Scottish Portrait Awards, at the Scottish National Gallery, and in the ING Discerning Eye, amongst other exhibitions in the UK and internationally.

Kafe Kweer is an award-winning sober queer space full of affordable food, local art, groceries, and monthly exhibitions.

The exhibition runs from 3 February – 24 February. Kate Kweer, 5 St. Peter’s Buildings, Edinburgh, EH3 9PG

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