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The Prestigious Edinburgh Medal Bestowed Upon Mario Negri Research Institute


In an unexpected and unprecedented celebration of scientific excellence and ethical research, the Edinburgh Science Festival has awarded the illustrious Edinburgh Medal to the Mario Negri Research Institute in Italy. This marks a rare occasion where the medal has been conferred upon an organisation rather than an individual, heralding a significant moment in the festival’s history and underlining a call for urgent action within the UK’s scientific community.

Celebrating Excellence at the Edinburgh Science Festival

Hosted by Edinburgh Science, the custodian of the annual Edinburgh Science Festival—the world’s pioneering science festival—this year’s ceremony was nothing short of historic. The event saw the Mario Negri Research Institute receiving the acclaimed Edinburgh Medal, which emphasises the institute’s exceptional contribution to pharmacological research and public health.

The ceremony, graced by the presence of the Lord Provost of the City of Edinburgh, featured profound orations by Prof Allyson Pollock and heartfelt thanks from Prof Wendy Bickmore, celebrating the institute’s groundbreaking achievements.

Honouring the Mario Negri Research Institute

Director Giuseppe Remuzzi, who represented the institute at the ceremony, expressed his profound gratitude for the recognition, emphasising the collective effort and dedication of the institute’s researchers and the significant impact of their work globally. The institute’s commitment to training over 900 international students, who have gone on to occupy influential positions worldwide, stands as a testament to its dedication to advancing global health.

The Lord Provost, Robert Aldridge, and Dr. Simon Gage, Director and CEO of Edinburgh Science, both lauded the institute for its pioneering work and its principles of openness, transparency, and commitment to the common good. This recognition not only celebrates the institute’s past achievements but also spotlights the urgent need for a similar institution within the UK.

A Legacy of Innovation and Integrity

Founded in 1961, the Mario Negri Research Institute has established itself as a beacon of biomedical research driven by a commitment to patient-oriented science. Eschewing patents to ensure public access to its discoveries, the institute embodies a model of transparency, independence, and ethical research. Its significant contributions include life-saving drugs and methodologies that have revolutionised patient care and treatment protocols across various medical fields.

The Edinburgh Science Legacy

Edinburgh Science, since its inception in 1989, has been at the forefront of inspiring discovery and innovation. Through its flagship Edinburgh Science Festival, educational initiatives, and international collaborations, it continues to ignite curiosity and foster a deeper understanding of science and technology among global audiences.

This year’s medal ceremony not only honours the Mario Negri Research Institute’s outstanding contributions but also strengthens Edinburgh Science’s commitment to advancing public health and scientific research.

In a world where the ethical dimensions of scientific research are more relevant than ever, the Edinburgh Medal serves as a beacon of hope and a call to action. It underscores the imperative for investment in research institutions that prioritise public good over profit, aiming to inspire similar initiatives within the UK and beyond.

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