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Lord Provost Robert Aldridge Launches Edinburgh Local Heritage Network to Strengthen Community Connections


Lord Provost Robert Aldridge has initiated the establishment of the Edinburgh Local Heritage Network (ELHN), an interconnected system designed to assist, nurture, and raise awareness of local heritage groups throughout the capital city.

The ELHN, which was officially launched on Wednesday, May 10, endeavours to foster enduring connections between these community-based heritage organizations and various Council services, with a particular focus on Archives, Libraries, Museums, and Galleries. Its primary objective is to foster collaboration and facilitate the exchange of knowledge among these entities.

The launch was attended by 17 representatives from a variety of local community groups, organisations, and societies across the city. The network will meet on a quarterly basis with plans to develop a searchable directory of heritage groups within the city and to collaborate on shared issues and opportunities, as well as events and fundraising.

Membership is only available to heritage groups and organisations based within the city, and not to individuals. If you belong to a group that you think might benefit from this network, please contact us at archives@edinburgh.gov.uk

The ELHN aims to welcome commercial, creative, and national partners in the future, once they are more formally established.

From left to right are: Alexandra Lort Phillips, Leith Culture and Heritage Group/ Yard Heads International; Anna Mayhew, Heritage Programmes Coordinator, Craigmillar Now; Christine McDerment, Trustee, Heart of Newhaven Community / Victorian Schoolroom; Jenni Meldrum, Chair, Queensferry History Group; Russell Clegg, Project Worker, The Living Memory Association Leith; Jo Chapman, Communications, Old Edinburgh Club.

“Edinburgh is a city globally renowned for its heritage, history, and culture and as such I am very pleased that so many local groups around the city are committed to preserving and enhancing this for future generations.

“I was delighted to attend the launch of the Edinburgh Local Heritage Network and to assume the role of Honorary President.  I am sure that through collaboration between the Council and local groups we will see many exciting, member led, and locally driven projects come to fruition over the coming months and years”.

The Lord Provost, Robert Aldridge

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