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Local Artist Release Debut Album


Anna Nokomis was born in Houston and relocated from Texas to Edinburgh when she was adopted at just six months old. She proudly identifies as Scottish.

Her debut album ‘In Waves’ was first released in the middle of the pandemic and the record is a revelation. It is a stark, unflinching, and confessional take on her own life.

Anna’s songs are sweetly seductive. You will lose yourself in her barbed love-torn lyrics that pick apart everything that life can throw at you. Anna’s exceptional voice – a mellifluous and brittle instrument that recalls artists such as Nico, Mary Margaret O’Hara and even Karen Carpenter – makes even the most heart-breaking songs a joy.

Local Artist Release Debut Album
Anna Nokomis

The stories she tells range from searing childhood memories, her search for her birth mother, and the fear, loathing, laughter and love she has experienced as a woman finding her way in London. Whether she is sparring with her malevolent friend, leaving her mark on the man in her life, or tearing down a sleazy middle-aged musician, Anna finds words, phrases and melodies that make every story come to life.

‘In Waves’ was born out of a musical collaboration between Anna, Mike Marlin and Danny Monk. They wrote, played, and recorded the songs together in London. It’s a remarkable record that evokes memories of some of confessional songwriters like Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen and Suzanne Vega, but it Is Anna’s voice that steals the show: so finely poised and positioned as to be able to claim land rights of its own, enabling her unique life story to make its mark on your soul.

Instagram: @thisisnokomis 

Listen to the album here: nokomis.bandcamp.com 

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