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Edinburgh Community Climate Fund: Have Your Say in the City’s Green Future


On 3rd of March, the next phase of the Edinburgh Community Climate Fund (ECCF) get underway.

The City of Edinburgh Council has set up the £100,000 fund to help communities to develop and choose projects aimed at making Edinburgh a greener city.

Community, voluntary and non-profit organisations from across the city have submitted over 50 proposals for up to £20,000 of funding each. These community projects have diverse aims including to reduce household carbon emissions, encourage dialogue about climate change and support the city’s net zero effort.

We need your help to decide what gets funded by voting for your favourite ideas.

You have a total of 5 votes to use and can only vote once for a project.  Please consider all the projects before making your final decision.

Voting is simple and easy. For adults, you can vote by using myaccount. This is a secure way to access a range of Scottish public services online using just one username and password. We have guidance on registering on our website.  

For those under 18 wishing to vote, this can be done through Young Scot using your Young Scot NEC number. School libraries will also be offering supported voting. The minimum age to vote on the ECCF is 8 years old.

Supported voting will also be available at all public libraries across the city. Please visit your local library for more information and if you need help to vote for your preferred projects.

Find out more about participatory budgeting or contact us for further information: communityplanning@edinburgh.gov.uk  

This is a chance for you to decide how Council money is spent on things that matter to you and your community.

Voting is open from Friday 3 March to Sunday 12 March. 

“The Edinburgh Community Climate Fund is a brilliant opportunity for local groups across our fantastic capital city to make their voices heard on how this money should be spent, as we deliver on our key priorities.

“We have a bold and ambitious plan to become a net-zero city by 2030, alongside our wider Climate Strategy. Our citizens and communities should rightly be at the heart of this process. I am confident that in the ECCF projects, Edinburgh and her citizens will once again show the creativity, innovation, and care that we have so often seen over the years.

“I am really excited at the quality and variety of the projects that have been submitted and look forward to seeing the results of the public vote”.

Council Leader Cammy Day

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