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Eden Mill Unveils Its First Edinburgh City Centre Venue: A Valentine’s Day Gin Experience


Situated at the core of Scotland’s capital, Eden Mill proudly announces the launch of its inaugural city centre venue in Edinburgh, perfectly timed to coincide with the year’s most romantic occasion.

This fresh and exciting drinks destination invites guests to embark on a delightful exploration of Eden Mill’s popular Love Gin, renowned for its fruity and floral notes.

Edinburgh’s drinks lovers will enjoy the perfect Valentine’s Day date as independent distiller Eden Mill announces The Eden Mill Experience is now open in the heart of Edinburgh’s West End.

The capital’s latest drinks experience, and Eden Mill’s first venue in central Edinburgh, is located in the Heads & Tales Gin Bar at 1A, Rutland Place, EH1 2AD, inviting gin lovers to share their love for the spirit through an interactive & immersive mixology experience.

Eden Mill’s delectably fruity and subtly floral pink Love Gin, created as a limited edition for Valentine’s Day in 2015, is available in the ‘Share The Love Gin’ session. Gin fans are whisked through a dreamy experience with three uniquely delicious cocktails, one of which guests will learn to mix themselves.


Love Gin (40% ABV) is Eden Mill’s floral pink gin joined the Eden Mill portfolio in 2015 as a limited-edition, but the taste of fresh rhubarb spice, sweet strawberries & vanilla combined with green apple, citrus and a hint of rose water, was adored and earned Love Gin a permanent position in the Eden Mill portfolio.

During the Share The Love Gin session, gin enthusiasts will hear the story of how Love Gin was born and the flavoursome botanicals used to make it so delicious. With three uniquely delicious cocktails and some sweet treats, this immersive session will tell the story of Eden Mill’s best-selling Love Gin.

The Eden Mill Experience joins a flourishing area of the capital’s drinks scene; bursting with culture, innovative bars and restaurants. Positioned as an experience and journey into the Eden Mill brand, the location is the ideal venue for drinks fans to begin their perfect day or night out in the beautiful Scottish capital.

“We are thrilled to bring a taste of St Andrews to the Scottish capital. Valentine’s Day is a fabulous opportunity for Edinburgh’s gin fans to experience the versatility of our Love Gin through a range of inventive & delicious cocktails.

“The Eden Mill Experience is the perfect opportunity to showcase our wonderful expressions in an interactive and immersive way, and it’s a privilege to launch in a city with such a vibrant drinks scene.”

Hannah Ingram, Head of Marketing at Eden Mill

‘The Guard Bridge Masterclass’ is also available for whisky fans; Eden Mill’s blended malt Scotch whisky is designed to be enjoyed in cocktails, and guests will enjoy three – all expressing the whisky’s deliciously sweet tasting notes of sherried fruit and light warm gingerbread.


The Guard Bridge Blended Malt Scotch Whisky (46% ABV) is a new addition to Eden Mill’s range, crafted using an eclectic mix of single malts sourced from the Highland and Lowland regions of Scotland; the blend also contains Eden Mill Single Malt whisky which is highly scarce in quantity. The expression soothes the palate with the taste of creamy vanilla and barley sugar, finished with sherried fruit and light warm gingerbread.

During The Guard Bridge Masterclass, whisky fans will learn the journey and discover the story behind this new blended malt Scotch whisky while delving into its deliciously sweet tasting notes. Designed to be enjoyed in cocktails, attendees will try three as part of the experience to demonstrate the whisky’s versatility, with one cocktail “guaranteed to feature an ingredient guests have never tasted before!”.


Eden Mill is currently building a contemporary Scotch Whisky and gin distillery which is due to become operational in 2024. Set to be one of Scotland’s iconic distilleries, it will also be a major St Andrews landmark and a key Scottish tourism attraction. The brand has been recording progress with work on the exterior of the distillery now complete; a time-lapse video capturing the first stage of the journey is available on the Eden Mill website.

The Eden Mill Experience will open on Saturday 3rd February 2024 and is located in the Heads & Tales Gin Bar at 1A, Rutland Place, EH1 2AD in the heart of Edinburgh’s West End. Offering immersive whisky & gin experiences, bookings are available now via the Eden Mill website.

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