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A Spectacle of Inclusivity: Birds of Paradise Theatre’s Super Special Disability Roadshow Hits Latitude Festival


The highly acclaimed Super Special Disability Roadshow by Birds of Paradise Theatre Company is scheduled to perform two shows at this year’s Latitude Festival in July.

This remarkable production, which has captivated audiences from Aberdeen to Hong Kong, takes an innovative approach to addressing disability inequality with a touch of intergalactic flair, approaching these important issues in a lighthearted and entertaining manner. By combining film and live theatre, the Super Special Disability Roadshow presents a collection of moving stories spanning generations, while introducing an extraterrestrial character who seeks to comprehend the human experience of ‘disability.’ Guided by Sam, a passionate young scholar, families in the audience will embark on an enlightening journey to expand their understanding of disability.

Sam is presenting the Super Special Disability Roadshow to audiences, as part of a global tour to examine why disability equality is seemingly still lightyears away. In the film we meet Rob, Sal, Oona, and Ollie, who discuss what it means to be disabled and how different generations of disabled people feel about their identities – using original songs, animation, and personal stories. The alien must then go on a journey alongside Sam and the audience to understand disability, before taking their new findings back to their home planet – but will they even ‘get it’ in a faraway galaxy?

This fun extravaganza showcases Birds of Paradise Theatre Company’s distinctive comedic take on society’s attitudes towards disability, using humour to bring important conversations into the limelight and engage audiences. Moreover, Super Special Disability Roadshow shares the experiences of young and old disabled people, showing there’s no ‘correct’ way to experience disability. The show’s fascinating storyline, laugh-out-loud humour, and spirited soundtrack will enchant family festivalgoers across generations. 

As someone who was born at the beginning of the 1980s, growing up during the 90s, I had a certain experience of the world that differed greatly from how things are for young disabled people today. All the performers that you will see in the show have different experiences of what it is to be disabled. There’s no ‘right way’ or ‘wrong way’ to be disabled and everyone must figure out their own path. 

The stories that disabled people have to tell have been missing from our culture so far and so, by putting these on stage and by exchanging them at an international level, we can begin to bring down barriers and remove prejudice towards disabled people. Ultimately, I hope audiences find the show entertaining and learn something new and surprising – conversations that are key to changing how disabled people thrive in this world.

Writer and director Robert S. Gale

Birds of Paradise Theatre Company is Scotland’s leading touring theatre company employing disabled and non-disabled actors. Established in 1993, BOP became disability led in 2012 and now focuses on delivering work across BOP Theatre, BOP Development and BOP Strategy strands to have the widest impact locally and internationally. As BOP enters its 30th anniversary year, the company’s work continues to impact the diversity of the wider cultural landscape, remaining world-renowned for integrating access into all its productions and developing work that addresses disability with honesty, integrity, and humour

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