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VantagePoint 2.0: Empowering Tech Careers and Business Growth in Aberdeen


The event, hosted by Edward Enejoh, featured distinguished speakers, including Dr. Yekemi Otaru and Chris Moule, who delivered impactful keynote addresses.

Panels moderated by Tolulope Abikoye and Emeka Ebeniro brought together thought leaders in Aberdeen such as Timi Adegunwa, Mo Khan, Edward Obi, Adetayo Adeyemi, Franklin Olaboade, and Pete Preston, offering insights into career advancement strategies and entrepreneurial opportunities.

“Our mission with VantagePoint 2.0 was clear: to uncover hidden opportunities for tech career advancement and business growth while addressing common hurdles faced by migrants,”

Edward Enejoh, reflecting on the event’s significance

Participants engaged in robust discussions on leveraging existing skills, accessing funding, and navigating cultural shifts.

Driven by the philosophy of Ubuntu:

“I am because you are” – the event encouraged collaboration and mutual support among attendees, echoing throughout panel discussions and networking sessions.

“We are thrilled with the enthusiastic response and meaningful connections forged at VantagePoint 2.0,” added Edward Enejoh. “It is evident that by harnessing our collective strengths and embracing diversity, we can pave the way for inclusive growth and innovation in Aberdeen.”

Attendees left with actionable insights, equipped to navigate their career paths and entrepreneurial endeavors in Aberdeen’s dynamic business ecosystem. With about 100 registrants, and over 500 views online, the event’s hybrid format ensured accessibility for both in-person and online participants, driving a global dialogue on empowerment and opportunity.

The video from the event live stream recording is available [Here]

Offering a chance to revisit enlightening discussions and explore future opportunities. Thanks to supporting partners such as Barclays’ Eagle Labs, Black Professionals United Kingdom, KnowvateHub, the Aberdeen chapter of the Startup Grind, Scotland, and Creators Aberdeen.

VantagePoint 2.0 continues to serve as a catalyst for change, empowering individuals to seize opportunities, overcome challenges, and contribute meaningfully to Aberdeen’s thriving tech and entrepreneurial landscape.

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