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Sustainable Edinburgh Based Tech Expands


Online event ticketing platform, Citizen Ticket has created eight new roles following the increase in platform usage post COVID. Talent is to be introduced across the team in order to meet the company’s ambitious growth plans.

The Edinburgh, Leith based office has added the following team members:

Naomi Tailor

Naomi Tailor – Account Executive:

Naomi has 5 years of experience in the events industry. Previously, Naomi worked as Site Manager and Box Office Manager for Edinburgh Cocktail Week. 

Nate Wilde

Nate Wilde – Advertising Manager

Nate has 6 years of experience in the events industry. Nate is the founder of the UK’s largest snowsports competition and Europe’s largest snowsports training camp. 

Natalie Cran

Natalie Cran: Senior Business Development Manager 

Natalie has 7 years experience working within the sales and tech industry. The most recent tech company Natalie worked for experienced 22x growth throughout her tenure.

Moni Tagore

Moni Tagore: Business Development Executive

Moni has 5 years of experience working in Business Development, previously working for an Edinburgh based property technology platform. 

Members added to the Citizen Ticket London, Clapham based office include the following members: 

Ashley Reid – UX Designer

Ashley has a background and education in fine art and design. Post covid she has transferred her skills and career to digital UI/UX and joined the tech world.

David Stewart – App Developer

David brings over 4 years of commercial software building for various companies. He joins the CT event organiser app development team. 

Wojciech Cupa – PHP Developer

Wojciech has over 7 years of experience developing php applications, previously working for a corporate video delivery network. 

Anmei van den Broek – Customer Service Manager

Anmei used to be a Talent Acquisition Manager for a recruitment company. Her role was to attract, source, recruit and hire employees for the UK and Dutch office. Besides designing, planning and executing the selection processes. 

Citizen Ticket is in partnership with the National Forest – 5p from every ticket sold on the platform goes towards the creation and management of new woodlands in the UK. Citizen Ticket plans to plant in excess 50,000 trees by 2025.

Citizen Ticket services some of the largest and most complex events in the UK and Ireland. 


Harry Boisseau, Co-founder, Citizen Ticket

“We are excited to add some very dynamic and talented people to the team this year. We set the bar high when it comes to hiring and always look for incoming people to really raise the average level of effectiveness in the group”

Phil Shaw-Stewart

Philip Shaw-Stewart, Co-founder, Citizen Ticket

“It has been great to get the new team members settled in before the end of the year. We have got some really exciting plans for 2023 and beyond..”

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Ed Baker
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