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What a Blooming Marvellous Reward Scheme!


The Lothian-based natural beauty company, Seilich, has launched an innovative customer reward scheme aimed at helping wild meadows flourish. This scheme encourages customers to sign up and contribute to the preservation and growth of biodiverse meadows.

Conservation-Led Skincare

Every Seilich skincare product contains handpicked botanicals, with Dr Sally Gouldstone taking a conservation-led approach. She ensures that only 10% of each plant species is gathered, leaving behind a flourishing, biodiverse meadow.

Sally shared her commitment: “By harnessing the power of the meadow and using only natural, organic, and UK-grown Wildlife and Bee Friendly certified ingredients, we are using the highest-quality ingredients in our beauty products.”

Meadow Rewards Club

Members of the Seilich Meadow Rewards Club earn points by making purchases or engaging with the brand on social media. These points can be redeemed to create new areas of meadow, while customers receive exclusive discounts on Seilich skincare products.

Dr Sally Gouldstone founded her meadow-grown skincare business in 2018, driven by a mission to work in partnership with nature. She stated: “The ethos of the company has always been to work in partnership with nature. The environment is a priority in all aspects of business, with profits used to create more wildflower meadows, with an overall positive environmental impact. I want Seilich to lead by example and demonstrate that businesses can be a force for good. Creating the Meadow Rewards Club is a way to give back to nature in a really meaningful way.”

A Circular Business Model

Dr Gouldstone elaborates on her business model: “Lots of businesses rely on nature in some way, but many have kind of a one-way relationship, taking from nature without giving back. I was keen to have more of a circular business model where we were putting back. The creation of our Meadow Rewards Club means that as the business succeeds, the meadows keep growing.”

Valuing the Natural Environment

She adds: “Customers who buy our products value the natural environment and love the idea that we grow the plants in this semi-wild setting. Now members of the Meadow Rewards Club can be rewarded for caring about what we do.”

Points and Rewards

Customers who sign up for the scheme earn 500 points initially. By redeeming 200 points, Seilich will create 1 square metre of meadow, and the customer receives a £2 discount. Redeeming 500 points creates 2.5 square metres of meadow and earns a £5 discount. Using 1,000 points results in 5 square metres of new meadow and unlocks a £10 discount.

Seilich’s new reward scheme not only enhances customer engagement but also promotes environmental conservation, making it a blooming marvellous initiative!

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