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Postal and Proxy Vote Information for the 4 July General Election


We’re issuing guidance so everyone is able to cast their vote in the General Election on 4 July.

If you applied for a postal vote by 7 June, then this has been posted out and should arrive soon if you haven’t already received it. If you applied for one between 8-19 June it will be sent out by this weekend. Further information can be found on our website.

Please fill your postal vote in as soon as possible once you receive it and post it back to us.

When filling out your postal vote if you’ve separated the statement from envelope A this isn’t an issue, please just send everything back. Don’t worry about using blue ink. 

If you need a proxy vote, where someone votes on your behalf, the deadline for new applications is tomorrow (26 June) at 5pm. Guidance on proxy votes is available on our website.  

If you are going to vote in person, this is the first UK General Election where voters must show a form of photo identification (ID) to cast their ballot. A list of approved forms of ID and information on how to obtain a free Voter Authority Certificate are also available on the website.

The Council’s website has a full list of candidates standing in Edinburgh’s five parliamentary constituencies.

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