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Magic, Music, and Mayhem: Lewis Fuller’s Debut at Edinburgh Fring


Suits, smiles and side-splitting shenanigans! Are you ready for the ultimate triple threat of magic, music and comedy?

Debuting this year at Edinburgh Fringe is a world-renowned performer, Lewis Fuller, bringing you a stunning, brand-new show that will leave you breathless with wonder, humming with joy and laughing until your cheeks ache. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable fusion of talent and charisma – in a show sure to set people talking!

Award-winning magician, TV star, and former Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist Lewis Fuller is the world’s first Singing Illusionist and an award-winning sleight-of-hand artist. He has travelled the world performing his unique blend of music, magic, and comedy, wowing celebrities and royalty with his talent, cheeky charm, and hilarious jokes.

Making his Ed Fringe debut this year with the exciting new show Ungentlemanly Conduct, partly inspired by the hit Netflix show The Gentlemen, Lewis will bring a touch of Vegas-style pzazz and ‘big show energy’ to Edinburgh with his versatile vocal talents, mind-blowing sleight of hand, and incredible blend of magic, illusion, and comedy banter. Audiences can also expect daring stunts that will set their hearts racing, including barbwire juggling and challenging chain escapes.

Woven throughout the show, a thrilling rags-to-riches story unfolds; a regular guy gets caught up with gangsters through back alley poker games and side hustles. But how will the story end?

“I’m excited to debut my new show at Edinburgh Fringe. To be a part of a festival jam-packed with talent and incredible vibes throughout the city will be amazing! ‘Ungentlemanly Conduct’ is a piece of me – I’ve had total creative freedom and put my heart, soul and wild imagination into creating something truly extraordinary”.


Tickets here: https://tickets.gildedballoon.co.uk/event/14:5321/


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