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Keep it Fresh at Luci’s


  • Lasswade Italian restaurant’s daily prepared pasta is a real USP  

With freshly prepared pasta, made from scratch, on the menu every day, Luci’s Italian restaurant in Lasswade, ticks all the boxes when it comes to authenticity, as well as sheer delicious variety!

Every day, Luci’s team of talented chefs prepare all types of fresh pasta, from paradelle, (flat long ribbon shaped pasta) and bucatini (rounded strands of pasta that look like spaghetti), to egg rigatoni, traditional spaghetti and tagliatelle, with the restaurant going through around 40kg of pasta every week.

“Freshly made pasta tastes incredible, so much better than dried varieties,”

”Combined with our “traditional with a twist” pasta sauces, based on traditional family recipes, what we are offering our customers is really very special.”

“It’s a real labour of love for our chefs to prepare the pasta every day, and it’s certainly worth it. We are receiving fantastic feedback on our dishes and want to continue spreading the word to foodies out there.”   

Luci’s General Manager Kevin Stewart.

lucis fresh ravioli

Dishes on Luci’s stand out a la carte menu include Scottish Crab- handmade egg tagliatelle with Scottish white crab meat, red chilli, spring onion, Amalfi lemon & coriander butter sauce;  Luci’s famous carbonara – handmade egg spaghetti, smoked ham & Grana Padano, confit egg yolk,  & crispy ham, and Beef Short Rib – handmade egg paradelle, slow braised short rib, San Marzano tomato & a red wine ragu.

The choice continues with Spicy Italian Sausage- a dish of handmade egg rigatoni, spicy Italian sausage, braised fennel, cime di rapa & chilli, and a wild mushroom & black truffle dish, containing handmade egg bucatini, wild mushrooms, black truffle, mascarpone & pecorino Romano.

Luci’s, situated in Lasswade’s High Street, is open Wednesday to Sunday. Menus are changing seasonally.

Check out the website at www.lucis-lasswade.co.uk. for full menu choices, including a la carte, Lunch Menu, Children’s Menu and Booze Brunch, a highly sociable offering with a DJ, saxophonist and cocktails, available the last Saturday of every month.

Gluten free & vegan options are available at Luci’s.

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