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Expanding Hope: Make 2nds Count’s 2-Year Plan for Research, Education, and Support


Make 2nds Count, a leading charity dedicated to supporting those affected by secondary (metastatic) breast cancer, is proud to announce its comprehensive 2-Year Commitment plan, which shares plans to develop and build the charity through research, education and support.

Over the past few years, Make 2nds Count has made significant strides in funding crucial trials, enhancing their Patient Trial Advocate (PTA) service, and providing an ever-growing network of support for patients. Building on this foundation, the charity’s new plan aims to further these efforts and broaden its reach.
And the team are now keen to expand online services, with a target of reaching 2,000 members within the timeframe indicated, curate additional wellbeing resources and host live sessions with experts to support patient wellbeing.

“We’re really proud and pleased to be launching our 2-Year Commitment,” says Emma Hall, Executive Director.“Our vision to help our community live longer and better lives is at the heart of the work we do, and we are at a really exciting time of growth. 

“Our ambitious team are committed to reaching and supporting more people affected by secondary breast cancer, raising more funds for vital research, and raising awareness of secondary breast cancer.”

Make 2nds Count has already funded over £635,000 in research projects that deliver tangible, near-term benefits to those living with secondary breast cancer, and the team will build on this already existing scope of work to proceed to establish an annual funding cycle and support grant-holders and ensure effective patient involvement in the research studies it funds with key initiatives.

These will include securing full AMRC (Association of Medical Research Charities) membership to gain credibility and access a broader research network and facilitating patient engagement in research to ensure key voices are heard and patients’ needs are met.

Recognising the critical need for accessible, in-depth information on secondary breast cancer, Make 2nds Count is also committed to becoming the main trusted source of education on this topic with plans to enhance online educational resources, improve website navigation, and create new content to fill information gaps, including tailored educational programmes for distinct audiences and engaging healthcare professionals to drive awareness of the PTA service and the clinical trials registry.
Patients have expressed immense gratitude for the charity’s continued effort and the resources provided.

One patient shared, “You’ve given me comfort and taken away my fear and loneliness”, with another noting, “The PTA is the only service that helps you when you are thinking about a trial. It’s much needed as this is not typically discussed within normal hospital settings.”

Make 2nds Count’s ambitious plans also look at the opportunity to fully fund and increase the capacity of the PTA service to support more patients and strengthen partnerships with key organisations to support the education program.

And the charity’s support network will not be forgotten ensuring no one faces secondary breast cancer alone. Further key plans include doubling the number of vital Tea & A Chat support groups across the UK, increasing the number of patient retreats and introducing new opportunities – and additional locations – for patients and their carers.

Emma Hall adds, “The 2-Year-Commitment plan represents a significant step forward in our mission. Our focus on research, education, and support aims to provide tangible benefits and hope to our whole community as we, at the same time, strive to highlight real people’s stories and make a real difference in people’s lives.”

Secondary breast cancer, also known as metastatic or advanced breast cancer, affects an estimated 61,000 people across the UK. Despite advancements in medical science, this form of cancer still claims the lives of 1,000 individuals each month, with an average of 31 lives lost every day. Recognizing the urgent need for awareness and support, Make 2nds Count is committed to providing hope and enhancing the quality of life for those living with this relentless disease.

And the charity isinviting everyone to join this mission to give hope to those affected by secondary breast cancer. With widespread support, the team is pledging its commitment to continue funding vital research, providing essential education, and offering unwavering support to patients and their families and friends.

For more information, please visit www.make2ndscount.co.uk

Read the full Commitment Plan here.

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