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Edinburgh Breaks Record With 10 Nonstop Routes to the US and Canada Next Summer


Good news, more Edinburgh to America flights for 2023.

We’re excited to announce that WestJet will be launching a nonstop route from Calgary to Edinburgh in May, marking the highest number of nonstop Edinburgh to America flights Scotland’s capital has ever seen. The 3x weekly route will be WestJet’s third UK route, in addition to their existing routes to London Heathrow and London Gatwick, both of which are increasing to once daily flights next year. The flights will be operated using 320-seat 787-9s.

Flights Edinburgh to North America by Joe Tree - https://unsplash.com/@joetree
Flights Edinburgh to North America by Joe Tree – https://unsplash.com/@joetree

Next summer, Edinburgh will have a total of ten nonstop routes to the US and Canada, including flights to Newark, New York JFK, Chicago O’Hare, Washington Dulles, Boston, Toronto, and Atlanta, which will be returning to Edinburgh after a 15 year absence. Virgin Atlantic will also be launching flights from Edinburgh to Orlando in March 2022, replacing Glasgow.

According to data from Cirium, during the summer peak from June to September, Edinburgh will have 116,000 departing seats to the US and Canada, the highest number to date. This will be only the second time that departing seats to North America have exceeded 100,000 during this period.

While Edinburgh is gaining new flights to North America, unfortunately WestJet will be ending their Toronto-Edinburgh route, although Air Canada will still be serving the airport pair.

We are thrilled about the new nonstop routes to the US and Canada and can’t wait to see what other exciting developments are in store for Edinburgh’s air travel.

History of Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport has a rich history dating back to 1916 when it opened as a military base during World War One. In 1918, it became the RAF Turnhouse after the formation of the Royal Air Force. It wasn’t until the start of the Second World War that the first runway was built, and commercial services began in 1947.

In the 1970s, BAA took control of Edinburgh Airport, and in 1977, the first new terminal was officially opened to the public by the Queen. Over the following decades, the airport continued to grow and develop, with a 2009 Scottish Enterprise study revealing that it could boost Scotland’s economy by £867 million per year.

In 2012, Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) took over ownership from BAA, leading to new routes, improved passenger facilities, and a multi-million-pound terminal expansion. Today, Edinburgh Airport is the busiest in Scotland, offering flights to more than 150 destinations worldwide, including more nonstop routes to the US and Canada.

How much is Edinburgh Airport worth to Scotland’s economy?

Edinburgh Airport is a major contributor to the Scottish economy, with a 2019 study by BiGGAR Economics showing that the airport generated £1.4 billion Gross Value Added (GVA) and supported 28,000 jobs in the country. The study, which was commissioned by Edinburgh Airport in early 2020, found that the airport plays a crucial role in connecting Scotland to the rest of the world and supporting the country’s tourism and business industries.

The report also highlighted the significant investment made by Edinburgh Airport in recent years, which has contributed to the growth and development of the surrounding area. In 2019, the airport spent over £200 million on infrastructure projects, including the expansion of the terminal and the construction of new parking facilities. This investment has not only improved the passenger experience at the airport, but it has also created jobs and supported local businesses.

In addition to its economic impact, Edinburgh Airport also plays a crucial role in supporting Scotland’s tourism industry. In 2019, the airport handled over 14 million passengers, many of whom were visiting Scotland for the first time. The airport offers flights to over 150 destinations worldwide, including several nonstop routes to the US and Canada, making it easy for visitors to explore all that Scotland has to offer.

Overall, the study by BiGGAR Economics shows that Edinburgh Airport is a vital part of the Scottish economy, supporting jobs and driving economic growth in the region.

Let us know in the comments what other US and Canada routes you would like to see from Edinburgh.

Barry Kirkham
Barry Kirkham
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